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Magdalena Mountains ROPES Challenge Course

Come join the ROPES Challenge Course
Our ropes challenge course gives participants the opportunity to experience accomplishments beyond their own expectations. The course is designed to challenge individuals physically, mentally and emotionally. We are currently serving a variety of groups including: school children, youth at risk, juvenile offenders and athletic teams. Others that can benefit from our course will include church groups, public safety groups, the U.S. Forest Service and business teams.

The Challenge Course offers groups and individuals opportunities to enhance:

Experience accomplishments beyond your own expectations!
Trust Building
Risk Management
Independent Thinking
Barrier Removal

Safety is our first priority. The Challenge Course is significantly safer than ordinary sports as a result of the exhaustive safety training received by our staff, and because we use only the highest quality safety gear.

Safety is our first priority

At present, we offer a 1 day high and low elements program at our Monica Cabin site located 20 miles Southwest of Magdalena. We also conduct 4-hour introductory low elements programs arranged at indoor and outdoor sites. Future plans include additional high elements and expansion of our 1 day program to 2 days.


You and your group can benefit!

For more information and reservations, please contact:

Beth Pawlcyn
ROPES Coordinator
P.O. Box 797
Magdalena, NM 87825
Phone: 505-838-6394

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